Arumoy Chakraborty

 Software Engineer


 Bangalore, India


About Me

I'm a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering, now working in Infosys as a Systems Engineer. I am currently working in Bangalore. My work is mostly on Java Spring Boot based microservices for IoT applications. Erlier I used to work with unity3D and Vuforia based AR projects.

My Project

Check out my college project on home automation here!


I am interested in IoT oriented application and system integrated operations.

My Graduation Project, which I took up with my other friends, was on building a basic internet connected home control device backed by cloud infrastructure service.

In a constrained budget of college going students we couldn't produce an industry grade prototype, but the working model was simple and functioning well enough to demonstrate that connected home solutions aren't necessarily too expensive.

The device was designed as Internet connected, thus enables us to extend the range of the term "Remote" to virtually no bounds.

The model was based on an Arduino Uno which would poll a cloud server and operate home appliances accordingly.

the user could log in to the web-based console for providing the operation instructions that was kept on the database, which later the arduino polled to get instructions from.

Click Here for my project page. All source codes of the server are put here. Some of the codes can be found in my project partner's page @ The project is complete and here is what it looks and works like in 3 videos. The first one is a summary showing simply how it looks like to operate. If you're into more details, please watch other two videos which contain the detailments. Although, in the last few seconds as the batteries ran out stopping the system from working at all.

I would to hear from you. Reach out to me @